You should write on Ezine Articles

Everywhere I go on the Web, individuals are desperately looking for ways to get more traffic to their websites. Some will even pay numerous dollars foran Express Listing in Yahoo.

And yet among the most powerful ways of driving traffic to your site is totally free and anybody can do it.

A few smart web designers have actually been utilizing this techniquefor years to drive high-volume traffic to their websites. And they have actually succeeded!

I’m speaking about Ezine Articles.

There’s a big demand for Ezine Articles right now but only a handful of people are using this method. That’s why you keep seeing the exact same articles being released in lots of different Ezines.

Why are Ezine Articles such an effective promo strategy?

When you get your Article released in an Ezine, you’re generally getting a huge Ezine Ad free of charge. However your Article is much more effective than an Ezine Advertisement.


A typical Ad exists simply due to the fact that someone paid to have it placed there. However your Short article is there because the Publisher believes you have important information that will benefit his/her readers. In other words, you are a professional.

Who would you be most likely to buy from? Someone who paid to have an Advertisement placed, or someone who is an expert and has just composed an Article complete ofvaluable details?

I initially discovered the power of Ezine Articles in May of this year when I wrote a Post entitled ’10 Tips For Successful Ezine Advertising’. 2 weeks later on it was published in ‘WebProNews’ (WebProNews, May 15, 2000), which has a flow of 500,000. I couldhardly think it – my Short article being read by half a million individuals!

Less than 2 weeks later on another of my articles (‘The best ways to Get The Most From Your Ezines’) was released in the exact same Newsletter (WebProNews, May 26, 2000).

By the end of that month, traffic to my site had more than tripled. Unexpectedly, I was making a very reputable income from my affiliate programs.

To fully comprehend the power of Ezine Articles, let’s put a financial worth on them. At a rough guess, Iwould say that a well-written Ezine Post has at least twice the pulling-power of a Top Sponsor Ad.

A Leading Sponsor Advertisement in ‘WebProNews’ expenses $4,000 – so with those two short articles of mine, I got $16,000 worthof complimentary Ezine Advertising!

Let’s compare Ezine Articles with 2 other, highly-rated promotion strategies: Search Engine Listings and Ezine Publishing.

A Search Engine listing is basically a ‘passive’approach to marketing. You still need to wait for people to browse on your keywords. Ezine Articles are much more ‘pro-active’; your posts land right in the middle of lots or numerous various Ezines. With Ezine Articles you’re not waiting on people to discover you – you’re going out there and discovering them.

Let’s state you release an Ezine that has 2 or 3thousand readers. Weekly, your site URL and your name are mosting likely to 2,000 to 3,000 individuals. Even if your subscriber-base is growing by 5% each month, essentially you’re reaching the same audience each concern. Butimagine you compose a Post that gets released in 30 Ezines that each have a readership of 2000 individuals. You’ve now reached 60,000 individuals!

The possibilities with Ezine Articles are massive.

Lots of people feel unable to write. You might be one of them. But the fact is, anyone can compose an Ezine Post. You must have seen those ‘Tips’ Articles that appear like a shopping list of things to do? They’re incredibly popular among Ezine Publishers. Every week I see half-a-dozen of them. So the fact is, if you canwrite a wish list, you can compose an Ezine Post!

At this point you may be saying to yourself: “However I’m not a specialist – who would be interested in my Articles?”.

The response is: “Great deals of people!”.

If you’ve been running an online company for 6 months, or perhaps just for 3 or 4 months, you now know numerous things that you didn’t when you first began. Imagine if you could have had the understanding you nowhave when you first started!

So for someone who has simply ventured onto the Web, your experience and understanding could be very useful. And keep in mind – the Web is growing so fast, there are masses of people who understand much less than you do.

More than 5 million Americans signed up with the online world in the first three months of 2000, which averages toroughly 55,000 new users every day, 2,289 new users each hour, or 38 new users each minute!

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